Strap Dandy™ is Reborn.

Lopez Island WA--(BUSINESS LIFESTYLE  FASHION WIRE)--Strap Dandy™announced today that it will present a new line resurrecting the age old tradition of hand crafted leathers previously only available if you "knew who to ask." After 47 years Strap Dandy™ is bringing these designs online. The website launch is expected to be a huge release with interest in the product brewing. Anticipation is high for these products that have been very hard to find in the past. This new launch of handcrafted leathers from Strap Dandy ™ is bringing back original art from the 1970's Texas leather arts movement. Founded on the principal of durable, one of a kind, handcrafted leather, this 100% American-Made line of leather is re-emerging and winning devotees to these non-traditional, yet time-tested designs, and old school production methods.

Since 1972 these leather arts have been created to the highest standard. For the first time these creations will be available for retail and wholesale on-line. The business has consisted of word of mouth sales from the pub, saloon, craft show, biker rally, or concert, but are now available to the public.   


The one of a kind leather wears are the only 100% non-stretching or cracking leathers on the market. Pressed with 50,000 pounds of pressure, the top grain double stitched leather guitar straps show little wear and tear after 40 years. Today's up and coming guitar player will still have one they buy today in 2054! 


From iconic American design to International, and whimsical imagery, as well as some more risqué designs, these are hand-tooled original designs that hold a place in history and in the now, as a representation of all things sex, nature, and rock and roll.


Strap Dandy™ is offering leather guitar straps, traditional style leather belts and leather sash belts. Please visit our website to view these exciting new designs. 



Krista Anderson