The Garnett Now Features a Luxury Lounge, Fitness Center, and Laundromat for those moving to Brooklyn

New York, NY, January 10, 2013 -- The Garnett, high-end apartments, announces its list of amenities including a lounge, fitness center, and laundromat. Designed to attract people moving to Brooklyn, the facility's other luxury amenities include a beautifully decorated rooftop patio for watching the sunset, convenient underground parking, and a doorman.

When asked about the Garnett's luxury lounge, Toni Mayo, the top rental agent for the facility says, "Some call the lounge their second living room, others call it their meeting place, and some even call it their lazy room." Decorated with high-end furnishings and fixtures, the inviting lounge is the perfect place for gathering company or for simply playing a game of billiards with one of the facility's other residents.

Thanks to the onsite fitness center, residents of these Williamsburg apartments do not need to rush to the gym. Instead, they can simply sweat it out, mere footsteps from their own front door. The Garnett's state of the art fitness center features enough workout equipment to accommodate most workout regimes.

Although each unit in the Garnett contains a washer and dryer hook up, the facility offers a laundromat. Perfect for residents who don't have their own machines, the beautiful and clean laundromat is also ideal for residents who need to wash oversized loads or multiple loads of laundry at once.

Located in one of the most attractive areas of the city, the Garnett has nearby dining and entertainment offerings that showcase the best of Brooklyn. When combined with the facility's onsite amenities, these attractions make the Garnett a prized place to live and an ideal choice for anyone who is moving to Brooklyn.

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