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60% of sponsorships sellers spend more than 2 hours researching each sponsor before making their initial pitch *

50% of sponsorship sellers are actively pitching 6+ months out of the year *

Eliminating the redundancy of individual research, SponsorPitch’s shared data platform cuts research time by 80%

NEW YORK, NY -- March 25th –, the first automated online recommendation engine for sponsorships, today is making some of the industry-leading data that powers SponsorPitch’s world-renowned analytics engine searchable to nearly 40,000 active members.’s deal database can be found at

“Whether you are searching for new sponsors, looking for targeted sponsorship opportunities for your brand or just want to see what other deals are happening in your area, better knowledge about what’s happening around you means better results,” says CEO/Founder Kris Mathis. “The time investment required to research by yourself is often prohibitive, particularly at the beginning stages of a sponsorship search.” 

For thousands of brands, SponsorPitch contains data rich insights such as where brands typically sponsor, what types of events brands typically sponsor and which consumers sponsors are marketing to. The technology behind SponsorPitch cross-references this database with the information that users provide about their sponsorship goals when joining to make automated, real-time and highly personalized sponsorship recommendations to each user.  For example, if you’re managing a film festival it’s likely SponsorPitch’s algorithm might recommend Stella Artois based on the high-end beer brand’s historical spending behavior. If you’re in New York, it’s more likely you’ll be recommended ConEd or Duane Reade.

The predominant trait of successful sales professionals is the ability to synthesize research and turn that research into a compelling pitch, but doing so requires hours of investment before even knowing if a sponsor is interested.  A recent SponsorPitch poll noted that over 50% of sponsorship sellers are pitching for more than 6 months out of the year and 60% of those same sellers currently spend more than 2 hours researching each sponsor before making their pitch.

“For the first time, rather than cobbling together research from a multitude of different resources by yourself, we’re making sponsorship searchable - on one platform at any time - allowing our users to synthesize massive amounts of data quickly so that they can find the right partners faster,” says SponsorPitch CEO/Founder Kris Mathis. 

About SponsorPitch: SponsorPitch, based in New York Ciy, is a real-time online recommendation engine for sponsorship. Powered by the world's largest searchable sponsorship database, SponsorPitch helps nearly 40,000 professionals find, manage and measure marketing partnerships at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. For additional information, please visit

* source: SponsorPitch member poll