How Data Loggers Are Used in Different Industries

Data loggers are compact electronic devices that can measure one or more types of variable physical characteristics found in a particular environment. These loggers are available in a number of different types and designs. Collectively, they measure a very broad range of data, including: humidity, temperature, pH level, voltage, shock, water level, pressure, motion, carbon dioxide level, and much more. The name “data logger” may sound like elite technical apparatuses, but in fact they are commonly used every day in many industries. Many business owners and those responsible for operation fully appreciate the value of these simple yet useful devices. Below we’ll explore some of the various applications of data loggers.

Food Safety Industry

It’s one of the basic truths of the food industry: food is susceptible to spoilage, which means that it can be safely eaten only if handled appropriately and is within the window of expiration. For this reason, many types of edibles come clearly marked with expiration dates that inform the consumer of the end of this period. But expiration dates generally assume acceptable storage conditions—for example, a jug of milk that isn’t properly refrigerated will go bad much sooner than its stamped date. Data loggers are relied upon worldwide to help ensure that perishable food is being cooked, processed and stored in the correct manner. Many data loggers are designed to measure temperature while cooking, cooling or pasteurizing foods, allowing a food processor to verify that proper conditions prevail at all times. Many loggers also provide real-time alerts if the temperature rises or drops below a certain threshold, which means that irregularities can be corrected immediately, before food deterioration or contamination occurs. Data loggers are also used to monitor goods throughout delivery or in display cases, ensuring safety regulations are met at all times, right up until it is purchased by the consumer.

Automotive Industry

The transportation sector is heavily regulated. Among the various rules and restrictions currently enforced, is the requirement for trucks and automobiles to obey diesel emissions laws; failure to maintain appropriate emissions levels can trigger hefty fines and sanctions. Fortunately, there are specially designed diesel emission data loggers that can precisely determine the emissions released by a vehicle. Providing the necessary information to filter and maintain vehicles for compliance with state and federal diesel emissions laws.

Medical Industry

The medical industry is a field that has strict demands in regards to materials being stored in precisely maintained conditions. Biological samples, for instance, will deteriorate if they are kept in environments of the wrong humidity or temperature. There are data loggers in virtually every hospital, clinic or doctor’s office around the world being used to monitor freezers, refrigerators, laboratories and storage areas. In addition, data loggers are vital for vaccine temperature monitoring and also for autoclave validation, ensuring that sterilization processes are effective and the equipment is working as expected.

Storage Industry

In general, warehouses must maintain proper temperature and atmospheric conditions to accommodate the materials being stored. In large storage facilities, this can be especially problematic, as conditions may differ substantially from one area to another. Setting up a network of data loggers allows supervisors to track even slight variations in temperature, humidity or even carbon dioxide. This also allows them to keep a record over time to identify the cause of any irregularities or confirm that all desired conditions were met. If it is necessary to maintain a number of facilities, this data can be transmitted to a central computer or even made available online, allowing operators to check up on warehouse conditions around the clock, from wherever they are.

Shipping Industry

For professionals in the shipping sector, it's an ongoing struggle to deliver sensitive goods without damaging them. This could include any number of variables such as temperature, humidity or shock and vibration. Data loggers make it possible to continuously track what the cargo is exposed to throughout the journey to the destination. This is an excellent way to ensure that delicate materials maintain integrity and fragile goods do not suffer damage in transit without the owner’s knowledge.

Company Bio

Founded in 1996, MadgeTech, Inc. is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high-quality data loggers and related accessories. Distributed worldwide, the company’s line of products include temperature, humidity, motion, voltage, water level, and wind loggers, among others. MadgeTech is based in Warner, New Hampshire.