The most loved diamond wedding bands

When you choose your diamond wedding band carefully you get a wedding ring worth every cent you pay for it. Yes, the diamond in a wedding band is always the showstopper but the band also has to complement the diamond in terms of beauty. A jeweler always tries to make a wedding ring that is beautiful from every angle and hence, they put a lot of emphasis on the diamond wedding bands too.

Gold is the most preferred metal for making diamond wedding bands. Diamond is one gemstone that goes with any metal but none better than gold. Yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, choose any of the varieties and diamond matches perfectly with all of them. Today there are also some other colors of gold that are used, red for instance, and diamond still matches with them perfectly. Thus, a diamond wedding band with gold as the band metal is cherished by one and all.

Silver is one of the most popular metals used in jewelry making. The biggest advantage of silver is that its much cheaper than gold or platinum. Silver jewelry has that special shine that is better than so many other metals. However, diamond wedding bands made of silver are not very common. This could be because silver is not the most expensive of metals. The other reason could be the oxidization of silver that blackens it.

In terms of status symbol the most cherished diamond wedding band is made of platinum. Platinum is an exceedingly rare metal and thus it is very expensive. It has that special color and is also very much scratch resistant. But more importantly people have that special perception about this metal that is unmatched. For someone to wear a platinum and diamond wedding band is dream come true.

Then there are the other metals that are used in wedding bands – titanium, palladium and tungsten carbide. These are not the most common metals used in making diamond wedding bands but they are finding many takers these days. The common feature of all these metals, especially titanium and tungsten carbide, is that they are extremely hard. This means the bands made of these metals are highly durable. For working women wedding bands made of titanium and tungsten carbide make a lot of sense. Palladium may not be as hard but it looks like platinum. It is, however, much less expensive than platinum and hence preferred by many. You can also see wedding bands made of stainless steel but not very commonly.

Of course, along with the wedding band one also needs to consider the quality of the diamond. The 4 Cs of diamond – cut, color, clarity and carat need to be considered. The reputation of the jeweler also needs to be kept in mind. This is when someone can expect to buy that perfect diamond wedding band. There are thousands of options in diamond wedding bands and to choose one of them can be difficult. One has to consider a lot many things in this matter.

Your diamond wedding band is a combination of the diamond and the band metal. The best diamond wedding bands are those that have everything in harmony.