Dr. Mary M. Gillam Offers Coaching to Military Veterans To Achieve Their Business Goals

Best Selling Author who has 30 years of military, government and industry experience coupled with biblical truths and is a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer offers Military Veterans Coaching to help start and grow small businesses.

It has been revealed by Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel that the American Government plans to reduce the numbers of personnel in the United States Army which will make the armed forced the smallest it has been since before World War II.

The armed forces in America reached a peak of 566,000 military personnel during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, now with the cut backs the US army will be reduced to around 440,000 personal which means a large number of people without jobs searching for a job or a career in a crowded market place.

Small businesses started by Veteran Military personnel is on the rise, according to recent research, one in ten small businesses in America is owned by a veteran and the author of The CORE Leadership Development Model, Dr. Mary M. Gillam, would like to see this number rise.

Starting a business is not just about having a great idea or the money behind them to become their own boss, starting and running a successful business is about having the right tools and guidance to make the business a success and that is where a professional business and life coach comes in, giving people the guidance and leadership skills to achieve business success.

The best selling author is looking to help military personnel who are about to leave the armed forces, who are thinking about setting up a new business or military veterans who have started a new business and need guidance and leadership skills to make their business a success.

Dr. Mary M. Gillam works with military veterans and coaches them to achieve business success, allowing them to become a leader of their own destination and achieve success in their new business start up or their current business.

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