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There have been several improvements in the design and construction of golf equipment. The new Callaway Big Bertha Driver is expected to be a big thing in the PGA tour with some of the greatest golfers anticipated to go for this revolutionary equipment. It is so revolutionary that it has received a lot of discussions among organizers and participants of the PGA Tour.

The new Callaway Big Bertha Driver has a hyper speed face that will hit the ball and send shots in at an amazing speed. Its adjustable perimeter weighting offer a wide range of draw and fade bias options to golfers. This leads to longer and straighter shots that will guarantee accuracy of your shots. The adjustable perimeter weighting slide is located toward the rear of the club leading to higher MOI and forgiveness.

It has an advanced adjustable hosel for increasing or decreasing loft in increments of one degree. Additionally, it is forged composite; more robust with lightweight crown and higher strength.

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