Ian’s Maiden Poetry, ‘Answer Then Question: Haikus and Other Poems’: A Flavor of Reality and Class



Hermitage, PA (January 06, 2014) - Ian Ebbitt’s debut book, ‘Answer Then Question: Haikus and Other Poems’, is a collection of poetry comprising both fictional and non-fictional inspirations. Ian takes a traditional style in Haikus and mixes them up with a modern taste.


Ian’s approach to his poems is pretty like an actor who draws inspiration largely from observing people and imagining a situation or a scenario where he puts himself in as the character. Ian, in this collection of short poems, delves so much into these fictional situations so that you cannot believe that the events are not his own. In fact, as you read on, you too start relating to them yourself. Some of these poems are actually based on Ian’s life events and accounts, while others, the more melancholy ones, are not.


With the wide range of topics he covers, this maiden effort of Ian amply demonstrates that Ian has yet to find a subject matter that he will not write about and pour his heart into. Unlike many others, he does cling to particular themes of interest, and mixes them up with his favourite “being everything”.


You would love reading the poetry because Ian, who still very much enjoys rhyming, writes for the love of writing, and knowing that others like you would find joy in what he writes about and how he packages his message with a delicate and aesthetic blending of traditional class and modern taste, within 248 pages. Despite the eternal bond with rhyme, Ian himself enjoys most forms of poetry, including the non-rhyming kinds.


Ian has been writing poetry for almost his entire life. It is his keen sense of observation and understanding of human behaviours that has enriched him to write with the detail and variety in topics that you would read in his book, ‘Answer Then Question: Haikus and Other Poems’.


The lively, moving descriptions of a variety of human-touched, real-life events and situations in his book mirror the fact that Ian has worked quite a few odd jobs along the way until settling into more of his career path of working with troubled and special-needs children and their families. From there Ian went on to become a Behaviour Specialist for an agency, working both full time and part time. He served as a Mental Health Therapist in a school too. He continues to work as a Program Supervisor in a school and a Behaviour Specialist at a summer camp.


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