CountWise Improves StoreForce Retail Application

CountWise, the one-stop shop for people counting solutions, improves its retail application StoreForce. With this strengthened solution, businesses can now efficiently manage their workforce and effectively create marketing strategies for better bottom lines.

[SUNRISE , June 18, 2014] – CountWise, the reliable source of people counting solutions, bolsters its services with an improved retail application, StoreForce. Through this platform, enterprises have a more efficient way of strengthening performance development.

Real-time, integrated solution

CountWise built StoreForce with the idea of daily retail store operations in mind. Thus, the solution is wired to foster a performance driven culture in the store premises by improving performance management.

As proof of CountWise’s commitment to functionality, StoreForce is integration-ready for mobile devices. With the smartphone’s increasingly important role in today’s commerce, CountWise has made StoreForce easily accessible from any Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows mobile device to ensure total productivity boost for businesses.

More importantly, businesses manage to get relevant data in real-time fashion. This feature allows enterprises to adjust even in the middle of an operation. StoreForce enables retail stores to improve their management strategy for their performance, target, tasks, and workforce for better returns.

Multipurpose platform

What sets StoreForce apart is its multipurpose nature. As a platform designed to bolster the performance of retail businesses, CountWise’s solution covers every possible base. In this solution, CountWise emphasizes on its multiple philosophies of focusing on performance drivers, client satisfaction, and labor scheduling.

StoreForce encapsulates the dynamics of the retail business and shows it through its features. As a result, businesses enjoy a great boost to their store’s overall performance.

Through StoreForce, managers can realign staff to meet traffic head on and provide excellent customer service. At the same time, the solution makes feedback available real-time, thus allowing on-the-spot improvements on the performance. StoreForce also arms the management with proactive business intelligence tools to run the enterprise better.

About CountWise

CountWise is the ultimate source of people counting solutions for businesses. With efficient tools and suites, CountWise enables enterprises to know more about their clientele and create strategies to engage consumers more. Through the vital information provided by such tools, businesses manage to evaluate their business performance and improve on their weak points, thus increasing ROI.

Amidst a tough market barraged by rising operation costs, logistical needs, and stiff competition, CountWise provides solutions for businesses to rethink the way they run their daily operations, and opens opportunities for long-term improvement.

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