How to ship a car

The auto shipping industry and grown tremendously thanks to the internet. Once an industry serving customers who were moving and needing their vehicles relocated has now evolved into an industry that thrives on customers who buy vehicles through the internet and have them shipped. Even with the boom of auto shipping there are still many customers who do not understand how to ship a car. This will discuss all the steps involved in auto shipping including information on shipping quote.


The first step to auto shipping is finding a reliable vehicle transportation company. An internet search will yield multiple companies. You can also search for company reviews and read reviews from previous customers. Next you should obtain multiple shipping quotes from various companies to ensure you receive the best price available. Most companies websites offer shipping calculators that are free and have no obligation to purchase. Another way to receive a shipping quote is to simply call the company. This is sometimes the most accurate way to get a reliable shipping quote and most representatives can give you more information on how to ship a car.


Once you have chosen a vehicle transportation company there are a few things you should do to get your vehicle ready for the move. You need to clean your car out completely. You must remove all personal and household items from your vehicle before it can be moved. The Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) strictly prohibits the transport of household items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. The DOT can fine a transporter up to $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods without proper and legal authority. Additionally, these items are not covered by most carriers insurance so any damage caused by the shifting of household items is not their responsibility.


The next step for shipping a car is an inspection. Before your vehicle is ever moved your chosen vehicle transportation company will perform a full inspection. You should make sure you thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s current condition at this time including windows, wheels, interior, etc. This is what your car should look like when it is delivered. Should any damage take place during the move, this inspection will eliminate any discrepancies regarding damage with your auto shipper. Lastly is delivery and final inspection. Make sure you completely inspect the car and check for any damages that happened during the move. Once you sign the original inspection form you will not be able to claim damages so be diligent examining your car. If you find any damages report them immediately.


Knowing how to ship a car and the steps involved will help give you peace of mind while your vehicle is on the move. Additionally, utilizing shipping quotes to secure a price is a great way to make sure you are getting the best deal out there!