Lacrosse movement conquers the Basin; Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club kicks off 3rd season!

(Cody, Wyo.) - The Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club has been in operation for three years, and has 26 players on its U13 travel team and nearly 20 players on its U11 team.
Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America; in fact, college Lacrosse gives out the most scholarships per capita than any other college sport. Over the past 10 years Lacrosse has been growing fast through the Rocky Mountain Region, and Cody is no different.
Basin Reboot caught up with the Cody Warriors Lacrosse team, who recently became a 501-C3, at their practice on Wednesday. The 26 U13 players on the field were fast, passionate and fun to watch. Head Coach Scott Vaughn was right in the middle of the action giving guidance and advice throughout the scrimmage play.
DD Champlin is the Secretary of Board of Directors, and also has one son on the U13 team. "Lacrosse is a fun sport to play and watch as a parent," said said. "It's often called 'Hockey on Grass' because it's such a fast-moving game."

Outdoor practice began for the teams in early March and tournament play started April 1st. Next Saturday, April 23rd will be their first hosted triad meet in Cody vs. Billings and Bozeman. There will be several games happening throughout the day with Cody Warriors facing Billings Scorpions at 8:00 a.m. and a game againstBozeman at 4:30 p.m. at the Cody Middle School fields. Food and drinks will be served and all proceeds go towards the Cody Warriors.
Above photo: Last year's Cody Varsity Lacrosse Players. h/t Addie Heintz at Kindred Elements Photography

Vice President, Mike Power told us, "We hope to provide our Cody youth with the chance to play a new sport, and to also introduce Lacrosse to this area. Players, families and coaches are so supportive and it feels like family."
In January, U13 player David Bennet was injured in a horrific skiing accident. He's recovering remarkably well, but is not yet back on the field. Despite not being able to play yet, David still comes to every single practice in support of his teammates.
Power also noted that Lacrosse was America's first sport. It has deep history which transcends through Native American roots. According to, "Lacrosse was one of many varieties of indigenous stickball games being played by American Indians at the time of European contact." Read more about the sport's fascinating history here.
Check out Cody Warriors Lacrosse on facebook or visit their website and schedule here.
Above photo: Last year's Cody Varsity Lacrosse Players. h/t Addie Heintz at Kindred Elements Photography
U13 Coaches include Head Coach Scott Vaughn; Assistant Coach Clint Campbell.U11 Coaches include Eric and Jamie Alexander.
Members of the Board of Directors include:
President: Tom Keegan
Vice President: Mike Power
Treasurer: Garret Growney
Secretary: DD Champlin
Director/Coach: Michael Cannella

Equipment assistance is provided by Matthew Esmay: aka Oscar. Learn more about him here.
Feature photo: U13 Cody Lacrosse Team after last weekend's tournament in Billings / Pitchengine Communities