North America Dietary Fibers Market Worth $1321.2 Million by 2018 - New Report by MicroMarket Monitor


The North American region accounts for the largest share, both in terms of value as well as volume, in the global market for dietary fibers. The region continues to hold that position due to its flourishing end-user industries. The North American region has been totally driven by the U.S. market, especially by the insoluble and conventional dietary fibers. The market was initially dominated by the pharma sector in North America, which has shown high degree of adoption of dietary fiber incorporation in the processed foods and beverages, especially in the functional food segment. Being at the forefront of the processed and functional food trend, the North American market is driving the demand for dietary fibers as a part of the functional food formulation.

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European Dietary Fibers Market
Europe is the second largest wholegrain and dietary fiber market in a global market, which is set to achieve a value of $25 billion by 2017. The European market, dominated by the U.K., Germany, and France, is a fairly saturated market, in terms of opportunities for growth. The reason for restrictive growth opportunities in the region is mainly the legislative boundaries set by the EU regulations. Europe is growing at a modest rate, and is driven mainly by the East European countries. The increasing number of innovations in the industry helps to drive down the cost of production, incorporate additional benefits in the products, and launch new types of products.

Asia-Pacific Dietary Fibers Market
The Asia-Pacific region presents tremendous opportunities for dietary fibers and their end-use applications. China and India are emerging as consumption hubs for various dietary fiber-based products in this region. Factors such as rapid urbanization, higher disposable incomes, fast-paced lifestyles, preventive healthcare, and strong demand for functional foods are translating into high demand for innovative dietary fiber products. The growing health concerns pertaining to conditions such as childhood obesity, geriatric nutrition, and diabetes, have driven the food and pharma sectors to invest in R&D schemes for solutions best suited to the consumers in this region.

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