(TRAVPR.COM) UK - June 30th, 2014 - Ever wondered what it would be like to cruise down the Rhine River to Switzerland but think it’s too expensive? Well that dream can now become a reality as well-known river cruise company The River Cruise Line has one of its most spectacular cruises to Switzerland available at a great price.

The River Cruise Line’s Scenic Rhine & Switzerland trip is available for just £999 per person, which is a great price considering the amount you will see.

The 10-day cruise travels through three different countries; Germany, France and Switzerland, and visits two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This once in a lifetime trip also visits the Ehrenbreitstein Castle, which is the second largest castle in Europe, and the incredible Black Forest in Switzerland.

This incredible price includes the cost of a return coach to your chosen departure point and the price of the return ferry, en-suite cabin accommodation throughout your trip, overnight hotel accommodation, including dinner and breakfast, as well as entertainment on every night of your cruise.

One of the next available trips begins on 19th August and is available for just £999. If that is too early then on 30th September the same cruise leaves port.