Controversial Faith-Based Indie Sparks Conversation on Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?

LOS ANGELES – Why do bad things happen to good people? For centuries, that question has rocked the faith and belief system of Christians, Jews and other spiritual thought leaders? Gospel music hip hop artist-turned-director Fredrick “Ricky B” Burchell examines this age-old question in his newest film, “Where is Good?” release May 19, 2015, and currently showing in theatres throughout the Bible Belt. The film is based on true events and inspired by the scriptures of Roman 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” (King James Version)

In this faith-based indie, Ricky B tells a story of a “good” church-going couple -- who for the most part, always do the right thing -- but ultimately, free will and personal choice will take reign, and lead someone down an unexpected path with serious consequences.

Written and directed by Ricky B, the film is executive produced by Tommy Drummond, Marcella Meyer, Janis Burchell, and produced by Gina Tate, Rob Tate, David Manning Jr., and Dawn Griffith. Branding and distribution executive Mike Regen of REGENerate Entertainment also serves as an associate producer on the film, assisting producers with the set up of various distribution platforms. 


Ricky B, a respected gospel artist and former youth minister, targeted his loyal fan base in the Christian community to promote the film. The filmmakers initiated a faith-based, grassroots marketing campaign that has already generated millions of impressions for the film on social media with sold-out theatrical showings in Atlanta; Nashville, Tenn.; Louisville, Ky. and Charleston, S.C, and soon spreading to other parts of the country. Press and local media buys, including radio spots on Christian contemporary and gospel radio stations have added to the buzz for “Where Is Good?”


“Where Is Good?” | movie synopsis | 130 minutes

Hannah (Kelly Bartram) and Jonas Bailey (Bryan Bratcher) are “good people.” They are a young, happily-married couple. They go to church. They pray. They follow the word of God. And as conservative, devout Christians, they are also pro-life advocates. 

While Jonas is out of town on business, Hannah decides to enjoy a night on the town and attend a birthday party with her friend Jennifer (Micah Lynn). The next morning, Hannah wakes up in a hotel room disoriented and confused about the details of the night before. Apparently, she was drugged and raped, and must not only deal with the personal trauma of the sexual assault, but must also confront her religious beliefs and Christian convictions. As the couple navigates through life’s unsuspecting curve balls, Hannah and Jonas question, “Where Is Good?”

Ricky B helms the film with a diverse ensemble cast that includes Bethany Sharp, Willie Robinson III, Alex McInnis and Micah Lynn as well as award-winning dance club recording artist CeCe Peniston and Marvin Winans Jr., a member of the prominent, gospel music Winans family.

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Affectionately known as “Ricky B,” Fredrick Burchell is the president and CEO of B4 Entertainment. A rapper and producer of hip hop gospel music, he released his first solo album, “The Calling,” in 1998 by D-Fusion Music/Broken Record. His single, “Stand Up 4 Tha Faith,” topped the Christian Rap Charts Joyful Noize for seven weeks. A year later, he was the first Christian rap artist to tour the Philippines, and following the record-breaking tour, Ricky B recorded his second album, “The Fish-a-men” on Kamikazee Records. 

He’s collaborated with the gospel band 4-Given on several projects, including “Somethin’ U Ain’t Heard B4,”  “Unstoppable,” and “If God B4 Us.” This collaboration netted a Holy Hip Hop Award and a nomination for Best New Artist by the Urban Gospel Alliance. Ricky B also made waves when he teamed up with hip hop legend Kurtis Blow and rapper Chris Flow to form “The Trinity.”  Currently, he’s working with the group, “Team Faith,” along with David Manning and Steve North, a.k.a “Humble Me,” and a new release is expected to drop in 2015.  

Ricky B, along with Terrance “4-Given” Carlton, co-hosted the Christian tv show, the “Mixx Masters Lounge,” which is devoted to Christian hip hop music.  As a former youth minister of Murfreesboro Faith Center in Murfreesboro, TN, he uses his musical gifts to not only perform and entertain the masses, but spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to young people. He’s spoken at schools and national youth conferences nationwide, and has been featured on numerous television and radio stations across the country.  His mission is to let young people know they can be radiant for Christ, and not to be ashamed of it. 

Ricky B turned his attention to filmmaking by writing and directing his first film, “Where Is Good.”  For more information, visit