NEW YORK – March 12, 2015Newsweek Special Editions, in collaboration with Topix Media Lab, announces the release of their special issue, Off Grid, packed with life-saving tips, running the gamut from weekend adventure to doomsday scenarios. Featuring expert insights and tips from the pros such as Survivorman Les Stroud, creator of the survival TV genre, best known as an award-winning producer, creator and star of the hit TV series Survivorman. This 100-page special issue is filled with how-tos, dramatic first-person accounts of survival and survival basics such as how to find water, how to stay warm among the elements and more.

“From the scorching heat of the desert to the polar chill of the Arctic, I’ve endured every type of extreme that Mother Nature can throw,” says Stroud. “Each challenge has taught me to dig inside and find a solution that will keep me on this Earth one more day, then share that solution, as I’ve done in here with Newsweek. Knowledge and preparation could save your life, whether you’re determined to live off the grid or you simply understand that nature is a powerful force. Loaded with game-changing insights from wilderness and survival experts, what you read in this magazine could truly save your life.”

See Stroud’s tips in this special issue’s introduction, as well as in the story “Survivorman Essentials,” a Q & A teeming with survival tips for all kinds of scenarios. Other highlights include:

-      "What I Learned From" pieces share insights from “The Walking Dead,” the Bedouins and others.

-      Advice-filled Q&As with adventure photographer Jimmy Chin, locust swarm researcher Iain Couzin and National Geographic researcher        T.H. Culhane, makes energy from a surprising source.

-      Arctic archaeologist Jeff Rasic, who works with the U.S. National Park Service, spotlights ancient tools that still hold up today.

-      20 Basics from the Boy Scouts Handbook that everyone should know.

-      16 military training tips from Special Ops.

-      Rankings of which bugs pack the most protein.

-      Guides to poisonous and medicinal plants.

-      And much more.

This special edition of Newsweek can be found at or on newsstands everywhere. To learn more about Les Stroud and Survivorman, visit

 About Les Stroud

Les Stroud is a survival expert, filmmaker, writer, singer-songwriter, speaker and performer. Best known for producing, directing, creating and starring in Discovery Channel’s Survivorman, he’s the only producer to devise an internationally broadcasted series entirely written, videotaped and hosted solo.

The hit TV series is one of the highest rated shows in the history of OLN Canada, the Science Channel U.S. and The Discovery Channel U.S. Stroud is also a bestselling author and musician. He has written three survival-centric books, including Will to Live, and produced three albums. A renowned conservationist and activist for the environment, Stroud lives in northern Ontario. Follow him on Twitter at @reallesstroud, Facebook at thereallesstroud, Instagram at reallesstroud, YouTube at lesstroud and Pinterest, reallesstroud.

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