Awake Café Unveils Mouth Watering Selections

By Troy Ramirez


Chicago, IL – June 27, 2014. A new restaurant, Awake Café, recently opened its doors to the public and is the perfect place for those who are looking for a nice place to eat. Now, they have the opportunity to taste a different kind of cuisine that only this coffee shop Chicago can offer.


Eating should be one of the most thrilling experiences people ought to have. But if the usual restaurants people go to serve the same old boring dishes, their palates would never know that there are other more delicious dishes out there.


In fact, statistics show that the more restaurants in an area, the more chances of these restaurants failing. The reason, as industry experts have found out is the great number of competitors seeking to please the same number of customers.


This is the reason why Awake Café offers their customers a new kind of eating experience with the different tasty cuisines they have created. People who love to eat in restaurants and cafes will love the exciting and unique items on their menu.


Here are just a few samples:


·         Caesar Salad – with fresh romaine, crunchy croutons, Parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

·         Summer Breeze Smoothie – the best smoothies Chicago can offer on a warm day.

·         Tuscan Veggie Sandwich – consisting of spinach and provolone with a sun-dried tomato spread on a crusty baguette.


About Awake Café


Awake Café is not the usual restaurant where people can eat food and drink tea Chicago style. They have a mission, and that is to create the perfect place for people to experience amazing coffee, great food and a tighly knit community. For more information please visit      



Contact Details:


Troy A. Ramirez

1357 W. Chicago Ave.

Chicago IL 60606

Phone: 312.492.8600