TWISTEK Launches New Twisting iPhone Case on Kickstarter

Asheville, NC's Twistek wants to bring security, ease of access, and usability back to the smart phones we all use and love with their revolutionary smartphone case. On August 5th 2014, founders Dan and Judi Bruns launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $60k for the first production run of the Twistek Case. 

Twistek’s revolutionary smart phone case features a twisting mechanism and sturdy clips to allow hands free use of a smartphone and is initially available for iPhone 5/5s.

“The driving force behind Twistek is to make smart phones easily accessible and secure while keeping them safer from being dropped,” said Judi Bruns, co-founder of Twistek. “With Twistek, normal phone worries are a thing of the past. No more dropping or losing your phone, spilling your drink on it, or leaving it behind. It is clipped right to you, wherever you go.”

Twistek: Turn Your Phone Into Wearable Tech

Dan and Judi Bruns are the creators of Twistek and they’re also professional ski instructors. While on the slopes, they recognized a need for keeping their phones secure from falling into the snow and accessible in case of an emergency and so Twistek was born.

The Twistek Case twists and turns, rotating too, for complete range of motion easily with one hand.

“The twist technology lets you use your phone one-handed, fastening it in place, and the Twistek design holds it where you want it so you have true hands-free capability,” said Dan Bruns, co-founder of Twistek.

What Makes Twistek Different

Twistek isn’t your average smartphone case thanks to its patent protected design and protective outer shell.

Features of the Twistek:

  • Sleek design - a real one of a kind!
  • 2-layer construction protects from drops and helps absorb shock
  • Rubber around the buttons offer simplicity and ease of use
  • Rubber edges that help protect the screen
  • Unique easy to on/off design
  • Extension tongue with ridges that hold your phone at varied lengths
  • A protective top case and receiving base with clips
  • Two 3-stage clips that hold where you need it
  • A unique 360 degree rotating mechanism

Twistek has turned to Kickstarter for help with the costs of production and tooling the first run of the innovative smartphone case. Their project will run for 45 days and launches on August 5th at 4 pm EST.

About Twistek

Husband and wife team Dan and Judi Bruns are the creators of Twistek, a new device to help people use and protect their cell phones. The Twistek is described as “the most advanced wearable smartphone case in the world” and is being launched in August via a Kickstarter campaign. Learn more about Dan and Judi Bruns on the TWISTEK website.