Dare To Be Dreamers dedicate "Making Believe" video to young girl

San Diego band helps three-year-old fighting rare disorder affecting the Urea Cycle by granting her wish to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland

Los Angeles, CA - March 1, 2016 -- The San Diego band Dare To Be Dreamers has once again made dreams come true - this time for a young child suffering from an illness. Last summer, the band’s video, "Still Young" featuring a young fan named Ryan who was born with Down Syndrome, went viral. His dream was to star in a music video and go to Hollywood. The band made the first part of his dream a reality when they made him the star of their video.

Dare To Be Dreamers has since then made it their mission to use music and film to inspire hope and make dreams come true. After the success of "Still Young" they began working on their next wish-granting mission which led them to Raylea. Raylea was born with Citrullinemia, a rare disorder affecting the Urea Cycle.

At the age of three, she has endured 17 surgeries including a liver transplant. Her parents are Navy veterans who are losing their home due to high medical bills. While the family struggles to keep Raylea alive and keep their house, the young girl has dreamed of meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland.

The band’s newly released video, "Making Believe" was a result of Raylea’s Disneyland wish. Shot in Hollywood, "Making Believe" features a female character who has received an eviction notice and is about to lose her home. As she drifts off to sleep she’s swept into a fairytale setting as a princess and enjoys the worry free company of an inviting crowd as they dance in a magical castle. The video also features footage of the happy three-year-old as she journeys through Disneyland and meets Mickey and Minnie. You can check out the video on Youtube at

Through their Dream Partner initiative, Dare To Be Dreamers have facilitated the wishes of a young boy and young girl, reunited a mother and son after 14 years, raised money to prevent a family’s home from foreclosure and sponsored a trip to Disneyland. For more information on how to become a Dream Partner, please visit 

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Dare To Be Dreamers is a San Diego based band using their music & films to inspire hope and make dreams come true. Their debut album "Still Young" is an exhilarating journey through sound and space. Massive drums, epic synths, beautiful soundscapes, catchy anthems and hints of EDM & hip hop make for a thrilling listening experience. Their live show is captivating and interactive, featuring an incredibly talented full live band, with two-time turntable champion DJ Mikey Lim, and stunning visual/stage FX. A Dare To Be Dreamers concert is immersive and unforgettable.

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