Several combination options of Airwheel E6 smart foldable bikes electric

The essence of a foldable electric bike is the combined transportation. Different combination will present various, interesting and convenient transportation scenarios and meet the different needs. If your impression about electric scooters is still left in the riding way of replacing walking, it is time to get to know Airwheel E6 best electric bike with many possibilities.

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E6 e bikes combine with urban public transportation vehicles for getting away from traffic jam and improving the efficiency of daily commuting. After you get down from a bus or subway, there is still a short distance from the station to office or home. Some people, therefore, prefer to drive a car, but as a result the crowded traffic gets them confused. In this case, the combination application of Airwheel E6 Folding Smart Bike and urban public transportation vehicles will make it easier and more efficient. 

With the maximum speed of 20km/h, E6 electric bikes is faster than walking and is more environmental than cars. It can be taken into buses, subway carriages or elevators after being folded owing to the only 14.15kg’s weight and small size of 950mm×465mm×160mm (size after being folded).

E6 folding electric bike combines with private cars will make you enjoy a freer traveling. Private cars can carry people to arrive places far from home but the short distance after parking the car, E6 comes in handy. To quietly appreciate the landscape of destination, you will need this e-bike. And amazingly, E6 itself will also be a sights with its unique X-shape figure in the eyes of passers-by.

For harvesting a pleasant riding, the seat of your vehicle must be comfortable enough. E6 alters the tradition sponge seat into rubber seat and adopts the separated design with left and right parts for keeping air circulation.

Sure, these combinations are only the most common ones. Some guys take folding electric bikes into trains, planes, ships and even private helicopters. This may implies that Airwheel E6 will give more options to realize more efficient and freer journey.

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