Trip & Treat - The Best Mobile App for Making Holidays in Mallorca and Ibiza More Affordable

Booking a holiday should be fun and exciting but according to a report, booking a holiday can one a stressful experience. Travel experts found choosing where to go on holiday was an enjoyable experience, however the stress comes into play when holidaymakers start trying to research the destination. Consumers going away on holiday to places, which include Mallorca and Ibiza, spend hours each day planning trips they are going to go on and searching restaurants they will visit for a family meal.

Instead of looking forward to a holiday, consumers are spending a great deal of time checking the internet for reviews on restaurants, finding out which are the cheapest restaurants to visit, who are offering the best trips and which shops are the more affordable shops. Once consumers have found all this information, they print it off and take it with them, if they remember to pack it in their suitcase. Research has found this is a stressful way of planning a holiday and instead of holidaymakers enjoying themselves while they are on holiday, they are concerned incase they have paid too much for a restaurant or a day trip. Thanks to a new free Mobile Phone App, holidaymakers can forget about spending hours searching for the best places to visit and the cheapest places to eat and let Trip and Treat do all the work for them.

Trip and Treat has emerged as a perfect solution for travelers who are looking to save money while on holiday. The mobile app that is available smartphone, tablet and other devices is fast becoming the number one holiday tool. By finding all the best places to eat and visit and comparing prices, holidaymakers visiting Mallorca and Ibiza will save money, leaving family and friend who have made the mistake of not downloading the free application, jealous.

All holidaymakers need to do is to sign up on the Trip and Treat website:, they then answer all the questions which includes the destination and what they like which includes the type of restaurants, day trips, and let the application know when they will be going away on holiday and then the magic begins. The app will then help holidaymakers save money while enjoying the sun in Ibiza or Mallorca, making it the best holiday comparison tool on the market.

For people planning on visiting Ibiza or Mallorca this summer, downloading the Trip and Treat application will help them save money. Learn more about the application by visiting