So, An NFL Prospect Jumps Out Of A Pool

Author’s Update: This is not a story about an undeserving NFL prospect. This is a post about a prospect that has not yet gotten the media spotlight he deserves, playing at an FCS school (Gil Brandt notwithstanding). The point here is that strength and agility are great skills for players to have. Jumping out of a pool is not.

The NFL Scouting Combine is all about making a favorable impression in front of 32 potential employers. That process starts months in advance and includes training with self-appointed Draft experts like Coach Tom Shaw.

These camps put the prospects under the microscope on the field, in the interview room and training to do the gauntlet of drills they will be subjected to at the Combine.

The atmosphere is dripping with competition.That means, that even in recreational times–like clowning around the pool–somebody needs to do it better than everybody else.

That was the policy of University of Montana Grizzlies linebacker Brock Coyle, who knows that it isn’t always easy for D-1 FCS prospects to stand out. Instead, they better jump out…of the pool. Watch the pure machismo, frame-by-frame:


AP Image


AP Image

For what it’s worth, this is extremely difficult to do, physically, but may have even less to do with football than how fast they can run in a straight line for 40 yards in spandex. More importantly, Coyle joins a fraternity of NFL prospects that have senselessly risked their lives and careers while exiting a backyard pool.

Here was Jarron Gilbert in 2008:

Gilbert’s career line: 5 games, 0 starts, 2 tackles.

The following year, undrafted Redskins receiver Keith Eloi attempted the same feat…backwards:

Eloi’s career line: Zilch. But he did play in the Arena Football League in 2012, for the Kansas City Command.

It’s a small sample size (2), but it would appear that prospects capable of exiting pools in creative ways don’t fare well on the NFL gridiron.

On the other hand, for a guy like Brock Coyle–who most people outside of the Big Sky Conference have never heard of–this is a great way to get your name out on the interwebs. Whether or not it will it get him out on an NFL gridiron remains to be seen.

What other pointless feats of physicality would you like to see in your NFL prospects?


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