DrinkTanks’ Juggernaut of Beer Growlers Shown at O.R.

Outdoor Retailer show-goers will get the first peek at The Juggernaut, the first-ever 128 oz stainless steel, double wall, vacuum insulated growler in Salt Lake City, January 21-24, 2015. Adding the DrinkTanks Keg Cap™ turns the Juggernaut into a one-gallon personal, portable keg.

Combined with the current 64 oz Classic, the 128 oz Juggernaut and 32 oz growler launching this summer will create the first “family” of stainless steel double wall, vacuum insulated growlers. All DrinkTanks feature a sturdy double bail locking system, making them the only growler guaranteed to be leak-proof, while also keeping beer cold, fresh and carbonated for 24 hours. The Keg Cap extends that life to 3-5 days. Available in 12 color options with custom engraving as an option, DrinkTanks Growlers are durable, portable, and are covered by a lifetime warranty

Adding the unique, patented DrinkTanks Keg Cap™ system turns the DrinkTanks growler into a personal, portable mini-keg. Designed to fit the full family of growlers (kegs!), the Keg Cap extends the life of beer, ensuring it stays cold, fresh and carbonated for 3 to 5 days. Each Keg Cap system includes a Keg Cap, injector, and two threaded 16 gram food grade CO2 cartridges.

The MSRPs are as follows: 128 oz Juggernaut –  $89; 64 oz Growler – $69; 32 oz Growler – $49; Keg Cap –  $45.

DrinkTanks will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Juggernaut on Monday, March 2. Campaign “backers” who opt for the Juggernaut and/or the new Keg Cap Pro as their reward will get the Juggernaut at a significant discount.