For what reason choose covered contact precisely what advantages of this

When choosing lens online, many professional online glasses or kids glasses shops will recommend coated lens. Well, why?

The so-called lens coating refers to one layer or layers of optical coating on the surface of the lens by physical and chemical methods. The optical coating which is very thin could help the lens acquire some excellent features.

The following are the common coatings used on both the exterior and interior surfaces of lenses.

1. Hydrophobic coating (HMC): Hydrophobic coating keeps snow, water and fog from making your vision blur.

2. Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective (AR) coating improves the transmittance of light, reduces reflection from lenses, and eliminates stray lights.

3. Anti-radiation coating: to protect your eyes from radiation.

4. UV coating: to protect your eyes from UV radiation.

5. Hard coating: to prevent heavy scratches from occurring on the surface of the lens.

6. Photochromic coating: to make lens darken on exposure to specific types of light, most commonly ultraviolet (UV) radiation.