London Styling Experts, 3 Colours Rule Helps Clients Keep up to Date with the Latest Fashion Trends and are Excited to be Launching Their First London Style Academy in 2014

3 Colours Rule is a leading styling and branding consultancy based in London. The consultancy was founded in 2008 by Flavilla Fongang, Flavilla is a full member of the Federation of Image Consultants.

3 Colours Rule has helped many women with a bespoke personal shopping and styling service, the styling service usually includes a colour analysis session. 3 Colours Rule say “Understanding colours is important because they have the power to make you look healthier, younger, slimmer and happier or do the complete the opposite. Our role is to assist our clients and help them find the colours that beautify and make them feel good”. Learn more about the colour analysis and get other styling tips.

House of Fraser and The Suzuki car company are just two of the organisations that 3 Colours Rule has worked with, the consultancy helps organisation reach female clients through effective branding and styling. The House of Fraser event entailed a private styling experience that was opened with champagne and sweet canapés and held at the company’s prestigious Oxford Street store.

You can learn more about the upcoming style academy event. You can see upcoming and previous events organised by 3 Colours Rule event page, Flavilla said she is most excited about the upcoming Style me Happy Fashion Show which will be held in the summer of 2014 and aids a new charity like the NSPCC.

3 Colours Rule’s founder, Flavilla said she is extremely proud to be establishing her new style academy which will help women establish successful businesses by helping other women look and feel better about themselves. 3 Colours Rule style academy will provide aspiring stylists comprehensive training, support, booklets and materials which are essential to run a successful styling business.

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