Design and Fashion Originality Converge with OG Clothing

"A brand that goes by the motto of originality through design and fashion."

Original Generation, or OG Clothing started in 2013 in Kokomo, Indiana. The concept and idea behind "OG" is based off the thoughts of 2 individuals, wanting to make a movement that is based off of expressions that speak originality and helps speak for a generation.

The brand, feels that clothing is another form of expressing yourself just as art is, and with art, it's about individuality and being original. With a very strong background in Graphic Design and Arts, the brand symbolizes people who want to stand out and be "original".

Since originality is rare, so is their product. There is a limited quantity supply, to preserve the "OG". The mission is that when you wear their product, that you feel a sense of originality which should reflect your own personality and message in life.

"We want to set trends and not follow them. That is why we put 'Original" in our brand name."

Be you. Be original.

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