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If you are searching for a tire supplier that will provide what you need, is your top choice. They are one of the largest suppliers of OTR tires worldwide. No matter the size, be it 40.00R57, 37.00R57 or XLD D2, or regardless of the tread, they got it all for you. They have a huge inventory of high quality OTR tires from some of the biggest names in the industry – Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Titan, Firestone, and many others. They specialize in finding the tires that no one else can. So if you are looking for the right tire that will meet the specifications of your truck or equipment, they are the company you can rely on.


If you are running a construction company or your business deals with huge trucks such as earth movers and loaders, then you know that keeping these in top working condition is one of the essentials in ensuring that operations will not be interrupted. As such, when it is time to replace the tires of one of your trucks, you want to make sure that you are purchasing not only high quality but one that meets the specifications of your equipment. Selecting the right OTR tire is not a task to be taken lightly because this can mean huge expenses for the company, major downtime and risky operations if the right tires are not selected.


OTR tires are a special type of tires and probably the hardest working kind. These are designed to tackle minor and major construction, hauling, mining and several other heavy works. Thus, it is not surprising that this kind of tire does not come cheap. So when your truck requires a new set, then you definitely have to take the process carefully so that you will not be wasting resources along the way. This being said, if you are currently looking through the OTR tires for sale, you should only be talking to one company –


The company is one of the leading off-the-road tire specialists across the globe. They are focused on maximizing their customers’ efficiency and profit margin by providing tires that help ensure continuous business operations. They have over 49 years of experience allowing them to build the largest network within the OTR tire market. As such, they are able to procure even the rarest tires in the world at a discounted price! Each member of their team individually holds a very unique set of kills which enable them to do successful transactions with all of their customers. Their experience with the volatile industries, coupled with logistics, has allowed them to provide excellent services and products. They supply the construction, mining, aggregate and off-the-road industries.


One of the aspects that sets apart from their countless competitors is their flexibility to customize their services to fit the needs of their customers. Flexibility enables them to perform more efficiently and deliver faster, a key to their continued success. Aside from offering high quality OTR tires for sale, they also provide a wide range of services specific to the off-the-road industry. These include OTR tire procurement, purchasing, logistics, inspections and storage.


Integrity is another of the company’s strongest qualities. Their integrity is what drives them to choose between what’s convenient and what’s right every day. Apart from being highly trained and experienced, each of their employees has the ethics, honesty and strong moral principles that let them perform their duties with their customer’s best interest in mind. This, along with their resources and connections has enabled them to build a strong foundation with sustainable growth into the future.


One of the best ways to land on the right OTR tire for your truck is finding a reputable supplier, one that has the experience and the know-hows of the industry. They should also have highly trained personnel who will work closely with you, know your needs and help you make an informed decision in choosing the best OTR that suits you needs. So, if you are require OTR tires like 40.00R57, 37.00R57 or XLD D2 from the world’s leading brands, is the company you can rely on. Check out their website to see the products they offer. And if you find what you are looking for, give them a call at 1-888-208-8473.