New Pig has recently introduced PIG® Truck Spill Kits in stowaway, tote and duffel bags. These new, hi-viz kits are specifically designed to fit behind seats or in various compartments of different sized trucks and fleet vehicles. 


Be prepared for on-the-road response to saddle tank leaks and other small spills! PIG® Truck Spill Kits are packed with enough PIG Universal Absorbents and essential spill supplies to quickly respond to and clean up small oil, gas and other vehicle fluids – helping you to comply with federal regulations requiring transporters to take immediate action in the event of a spill during transportation.  Each kit is packaged in a hi-viz yellow bag with reflective striping and bold “Spill Kit” lettering, making it easy to locate in an emergency.  Carrying straps and a shoulder strap make pulling the Kit from its storage space and getting to the spill quick and simple.  The Spill Kits’ rugged construction prevents rips and tears making them refillable and reusable – saving time and money.


PIG® Truck Spill Kits are available in the following variations:

·         Stowaway bag – absorbency up to 7.3 gallons

·         Tote bag – absorbency up to 10 gallons

·         Duffel bag – absorbency up to 10 gallons

For information on custom PIG® Truck Spill Kits or on any of New Pig’s products, please contact 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit