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USA – There is hardly any doubt that during meetings, presentations or even regular office, hours, it is strenuous and time taking to go through hundreds of documents, many of which can be grouped together, but as really not.

The Free PDF Merge offers a solution to this: merging multiple PDF files into one single file. This is a very helpful application. Users can now group their pdf files into similar categories and merge them together. PDF files that contain information pertaining to the same category or event can also be merged together. The advantage of using the free PDF Merge is that it helps organize data better, when similar data is together. In addition to this, it can help users save disk space. If PDF files are merged, they can be compressed to occupy lesser disk space.

The user interface of the free PDF Merge is simple. It does not have too many options. The different links are “add PDF file”, “remove selected”, “remove all” and “merge now”. In addition to this, there are up and down arrow keys to help users change the position of the files. The application gives the user the choice of removing a few files while the conversion is happening, or to remove all PDf files from the application. It gives users information about the number of pages in each individual file and the status of the conversion too. The application seems to be very useful. It definitely is worth a try.

About PDF Merge

The PDF Merge is a software application which helps users to merge several pdf files into one, efficiently and for free. It has many new features, an important one being that the speed of merging has been enhanced. Users will find this to be a very resourceful tool.

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