Atlanta plumbing has been an active occupation ever since man found a way to transport water into the house through pipes and storage tanks. What followed next was the installation of basic amenities such as commodes, sinks, taps and tubs. Modern inventions then allowed for components such as water heaters and sprinklers to utilize these plumbing basics. All the while, the concerned tradesmen, called plumbers, used a host of tools and equipment to resolve plumbing issues that popped up. They were often, and still are, recognized by the adjustable wrench that they carry around for their jobs.

With advancement in technology, a wide variety of tools have been developed to assist Atlanta plumbers in their work. The most commonly used tool has been the iconic adjustable wrench mentioned above. These are a rather simple but effective piece of technology. They come with a handle at one end and an open-mouthed grip at the other. The handle length depends upon the size of the business end and is usually a foot long. The open-mouthed head is adjustable and is used to tighten (or loosen) the noose around any pipe or drain the plumber wishes to grip. Their job is to provide the plumber service in Atlanta Georgia enough leverage and heft to repair the problematic component.

Augers are another common type of Atlanta plumbing tool. There are separate augers for sinks and commodes. The one used for unclogging sinks is a heavy cylindrical canister that contains coiled flexible cable, which can be pushed down the sink to break through any solid or semi-solid waste that might be obstructing the liquid flow. A number of them are available with varying cable lengths. Augers used for clearing commodes are metallic rods with cranks at one end. The plumber extends and retracts the flexible cable by turning the crank accordingly.

Plungers are also of two types: one for flat surfaces and one for toilet bowls. Bathtubs and flat-surfaced sinks use the first type. The second type, called flange plungers, is specially designed to clear away the debris in bents and loops of the toilet bowl.

A more recent tool is the hydro-jet. These are motor powered devices that emit pressurized water through a small torpedo-like head to wash away any waste blocking the liquid flow. They are inserted into the problematic drain or pipe through a flexible cable connecting the head and the motor.

Apart from these distinct ones, a multitude of wrenches and tools are available for fixing faucets and other Atlanta plumbing components. Having basic knowledge about them can never be a waste!

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