Select Office Suites Uploads Pictures Of Their Meeting Rooms In New York On Website


United States,28th March 2014 - If you have had any doubts about what you will be getting if you were associated with Select Office Suites for your requirements of meeting rooms in NYC, this recent development will solve all your queries for good. This leading company that has been helping its elite clientele in finding the best office spaces in New York has taken yet another bold step. Select Office Suites has just uploaded a complete gallery of pictures on its website showcasing the meeting room choices that if offers in the city. Make sure you visit and check them out.


If you are in need of the best and most affordable office spaces in New York city, there is only one name that can help you solve this problem with the least amount of hassles to be dealt with on your part – Select Office Suites. For many years now, this ace company has been bridging the gap between affordable commercial spaces and enterprises who need them in the most expedite manner possible.


“As a member of our community you will have access to 20 free-usage meetings rooms. At Chelsea, there is Conference Room 1 (The Board Room) which accommodates 8 to 16 people; Conference Rooms 2 and 3 accommodate up to 10 people, meeting rooms 18, 40 and 56 accommodate up to 4 people, Interview Room 10 accommodates up to 4 people, and The TV Lounge can hold semi-private meetings and tele-viewing gatherings for up to 8 people. We also feature an on-site conference center that can accomodate up to 100 people, for hourly or daily rental. At our neighboring facility right across the street, the New York City Seminar & Conference Center, you can have access to 12 additional rooms, which includes: 10 seminar / meeting rooms and two break rooms, which flexibly accommodate groups of 6 to 200 people, at an additional cost. Our Madison Square Park facility has six additional conference rooms that can accommodate 12 people. You'll never have to worry about your conference room needs at Select Office Suites.” said the owner of


Make sure you check out this gallery to get an idea of what this company can offer you in terms of meeting rooms in New York city. You will definitely find what you are looking for.


For more information about the company or to take their help in finding the right office space in New York, please visit the website   


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With over 400 professionally serviced and managed offices, Select Office Suites is proud to offer furnished, world class office space in New Yorkin a cooperative community environment. They provide you with an array of services and amenities so that you're free to concentrate on whatever it is that you do for a living.

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