Scarborough Web Design Firm Underscores Importance of Responsive Web Design

Scarborough, April 24, 2014 --- A Scarborough web design company is encouraging websites to make their web designs more responsive to mobile devices given the growing number of Internet users who prefer to browse the World Wide Web through their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Studio Excel cites the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics that getting online using a mobile device has doubled in the last three years since 2010, with 53 per cent of British people using devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in accessing the Internet. This is a sharp rise from the mere 24 per cent recorded in 2010.

The web design Scarborough company added that according to the ONS, 72 percent of Internet users are buying products or availing of services online. The firm adds that these figures highlight the importance of having a website that is designed to be displayed well on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

It underscores that companies should avail of responsive web design services that will make the content of their websites adjust according to the size and orientation of the mobile devices used by Internet visitors. With a responsive web design, a website can give the best browsing experience to its visitors regardless of the device being utilised.

The website design Scarborough company further explains that websites with responsive design are likely to get more businesses online compared to those which don’t have a web responsive design.

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