Porscha Starr at Las Vegas International Lingerie Show

A Starr is emerging and ready to take over the largest stage for lingerie in the United States; the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show! However, with every big dream a financial seed must first be planted. To accomplish the goal of participating in the international lingerie show, Porscha Starr Lingerie has launched a fundraising campaign with

Indiegogo is an international “crowd-funding” company that supports companies/project in fundraising efforts of special projects. Teaming up with Porscha Starr, a campaign has been created to raise funds to pay all associated costs in participating in the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. With a fundraising goal of $5,000 raising money with Porscha Starr has its sexy perks to get involved. Persons who donate have the opportunity to attend exclusive photo shoots, receive autographed pictures, or be given the VIP treatment at the next Porscha Starr Fashion Show.

The International Lingerie show is the leading and nationally renowned platform for all things intimate apparel, lingerie and swimwear. In addition, this opportunity for Porscha Starr Lingerie to participate will present the opportunity for national exposure. You can make a difference and help the company reach the next level and grow. Visit the following link to contribute to sending Porscha Starr to the International Lingerie Show. The deadline to raise all funds is February 4th 2014. Every dollar counts and donate today!