Nanocoatings in the Automotive Industry

Surface protection is a key area in the luxury car market both for protection from UV, wear, heat; promotion of adhesion; and reduction of engine friction. The overall world automotive paints and coatings market was estimated to be $7.75billion in 2010 and nanomaterials will play a key role in future growth.
Desirable functional properties for the automotive coatings industry afforded by nanomaterials include:

  • Scratch resistance (alumina and silica nanoparticles)
  • Anti-fingerprint (silica nanoparticles)
  • Self-cleaning (Nano-Tio2, nano- silica)
  • Chemical resistance (CNTs, graphene)
  • UV resistance (zinc oxide, cerium oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide nanoparticles)
  • Abrasion resistance (silica and alumninium oxide nanoparticles).

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Applications include:

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic anti-fingerprint coatings in automotive displays
  • Anti-fingerprint mirror and interior surface coatings
  • Scratch-proof coatings
  • Wear resistant nanocoatings for engines
  • Lubricant additives
  • Self-cleaning coatings on glass
  • Anti-corrosion engine coatings
  • Anti-bacterial interior trim and upholstery coatings
  • Anti-icing coatings.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 03
Nanotechnology is a key driver for new and innovative coating applications and nanocoatings have shown remarkable growth in recent years in the automotive sector.

Introduction 05
Nanocoatings types, properties and history.

Anti-Fingerprint 10
Properties, e"ect, applications and companies in the automotive sector.

Scratch And Wearresistant 13
Properties, e"ect, applications and companies in the automotive sector.

Self-Cleaning 17
Properties, e"ect, applications and companies in the automotive sector.

Other Coatings 20
Anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, antiicing, photocatalytic, UV-protection and #ame retardant nanocoatings in the automotive sector.

Market Summary For Nanocoatings In The Automotive Industry 22
Applications, nanomaterials, product development and market outlook.

Companies 26
Producers, application developers and OEMs in automotive nanocoatings including applications and contact details.

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