GTPro offers industry qualified Personal Protective Equipment

GTPro, a leading supplier of quality tools for professional tradesmen, ensures the safety of customers with durable dust masks and Nitrile palm gloves. The company discusses their products and services on their website.

[THOMASTOWN, 6/04/2014] –GTPro, a trusted provider of quality tools for professional tradesmen, offers personal protective equipment (PPE) that ensures the safety of their clients. They offer durable dust masks and Nitrile palm gloves—the most preferred PPE at construction sites. The company considers the specifications of professional tradesmen by providing industry-qualified equipment.

Durable Dust Masks

GTPro features a range of quality equipment consistently designed for the tradesman’s specifications. They offer P2 disposable dust and mist respirators that are easily worn with glasses and goggles. They provide dust masks with and without exhalation valves, providing increased breathing comfort. Their dust masks featurea lightweight inner foam, which fits all faces as a seal.

The company provides AS1716-certified protective masks in two types: P1 dust masks that filter at least 80%; and GTRPro P2 that can filter more than 94% airborne particles. According to GTPro, P2 disposable respirators are preferred as they prevent finer particles, such as gypsum dust, from entering the masks. With dual head straps, masks are contoured for optimum fit and comfort to the tradesman.

Nitrile Palm Gloves

GTPro offers clients a wide selection of polyester-made and Nitrile palm gloves that are preferred in most construction sites. Nitrile palm gloves prevent hazards like abrasion, cutting, tearing, and puncturing. This style of glove gives a better grip and protection. Polyester gloves, on the other hand, allow the hands to breathe more freely.The EN 388-certified company also offers Nitrile palm gloves in different sizes, ranging from 8 to 11 palm sizes.

The company complies with industry standards, ensuring clients high quality products and latest manufacturing technologies.With this, they integrate industry knowledge and experience in producing and using products that are tailored according to the requirements of the tradesman.They progressively introduce product offerings, ranging from heavy duty trimming blades to staple guns.


Launched in 2012, GTPro is one of the leading providers of high standard tools and equipment. They are committed to excellence through high quality equipment and powerful tool accessories. Thriving on success, the firm continually expands their product offerings—from personal protective equipment and plastering tools, to soft grip handles and large pack quantities.

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