The selection of the canvas cloth will directly affect the final effect of canvas print

China – Different quality level of canvas prints could be mainly determined by different types of canvas fabric. The correctly selection for the canvas cloth could help to better embodies the spirit of the art work. However, choosing to the right canvas with correct fabric is not very easy thing. The best canvas cloth could help to perfectly show with people the high resolution, suitable color and the excellent resistance of the canvas cloth to moisture could greatly extend the life of the canvas prints. Now, the editor from famous China canvas prints wholesale supplier will help each consumer know about how to select the suitable canvas cloth from different points of views.

From the different types of inkjet printers and printing ink, they could be basically distinguished by dye ink, pigment ink, eco-solvent ink and solvent-based inks. The canvas printer which applies the dye ink and pigment inks can use the high-gloss canvas and matt waterproof canvas. For the machine which uses the eco-solvent ink and solvent-based inks, we will use high-gloss weak solvent canvas and weak solvent matte canvas.

After clients confirm their favored canvas types and product range, the canvas print dropship supplier need to choose the suitable canvas cloth based on consumers¡¯ quality requirement for their canvas print. If consumers want to purchase the oil painting prints with good gloss and high bright colors, then the supplier will manufacture the products by high-gloss inkjet canvas or eco-solvent high light canvas. If consumers want to have work with inkjet matte surface and soft classic colors, then the products will choose matte waterproof canvas or eco-solvent inkjet canvas cloth. This point is very crucial as it could directly affect consumers¡¯ final experience.

Finally, it is also need to confirm the oil painting canvas by the material of the canvas cloth which could determine what sort of materials is suitable. Currently, the commonly used fabrics of the offer waterproof fabric of the oil painting canvas should be silver eagles cloth, chemical fiber 300D canvas, 600*300D canvas cloth, 600D inkjet canvas, 900D thick thick canvas cloth, polyester canvas cloth and cotton inkjet canvas. All different sorts of canvas cloth have their own characteristics and different printing effect. Different sort of fabric could be suitable for spraying the different theme.

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