Aletha Shepherd Lands Role In New Series

Aletha Shepherd was on set on her next project, the new comedy web series, Rolling Blackouts, just a day after landing back in Los Angeles from her trip home to London for the holidays.

Talk about wasting no time.

"I was still feeling very jet-lagged when I had to head to set," Shepherd said. "I quite literally landed in L.A. the night before, so I was still operating on London time. It didn't hit me at first since I felt ahead of everybody else. But I knew the shock would hit me at some point during the day."

But the actress, who has appeared on a number of television shows and projects back in the U.K. was not going to pass up the opportunity to work on this new comedy series when she got the call about the casting. And she made it through the day's shooting like a trooper and like the professional she is.

Shepherd is no stranger to hard work and being busy. She is an international model, having done campaigns for a number of major brands, a former beauty queen having competed internationally, and of course a working actress with some solid credits already on her resume.

Before the holiday trip back to Great Britain, Shepherd also began work on a new TV pilot, Fitgods, in which she plays one of the leading roles, indeed a role created especially for her. She also booked the leading role in a music video from  popular X Factor singer, Daryl Black. So within a very short time in the U.S. the actress is well on her way to making a name for herself.

Shepherd is represented by Harris Management, Simon & How in the U.K. and HRi Talent in the U.S.