Are Mechanical Engineers Less Paid Than Others?

Studying Mechanical Engineering is a very nerve wracking. To become a licensed Mechanical engineer one has to spend his 4 years in learning Microprocessors, Thermodynamics , stress , strain, beam calculation and more…After successful completion 75%  mechanical engineers are destined to work with lower wages as beginners.

In a comparison between beginners level IT and that of a mechanical engineer one can witness there is a huge variation between their salary levels. The salary of a beginner level IT employee is 4 times higher than a core fresher engineering employee.


But why such differences?

On examining the facts from many resources and also Quora, we found a huge number of clarifications and amazing statements on this topic.

Everyone is of the opinion that the primary reason why mechanical engineer is less paid because the equipments, instruments, tools and  machineries used for on board production are 10 times expansive than using in IT industry. Simply it says that the setup cost in core industry is higher. This makes companies pay much less to freshers.

Moreover the freshers are not allowed to operate machines at the beginning stages. Many mechanical  engineers say that they feel idle even at the peak working hours.

But to utter surprising fact: a 10 year experiences mechanical engineer gets twice the salary that of an IT engineer of the same work experience.

Lets examine some interesting opinions of mechanical engineers and outsiders on this topic.

In words of PS Narasimhan:

fact is that  there is no opening for a BE mechanical engineer in any industries to startup. Then only we can talk about highest or lowest salary of a person. Even if one is lucky to get a job he will be paid a pittance say just less than 10k, which is  itself very much on a higher side.

Another of the opinion that the highest paid mechanical engineer is the oil and gas engineer only if you work abroad.
If you want to work in INDIA then one should go to ONGC. It gives the best starting salary to a mechanical engineer around 1.3L  per year. If you want to earn a handsome money in the coming years, go for a MNC.If you want to work as A class officer then go for IES exam and crack it.

Another opinion says mechinacal engineers are one of the least paid engineers when they start of on a relative scale (compared to IT engineers) but having said that their pay increase quite exceptionally with experience. Design engineers, analysis engineers or product engineers and those who  consult design engineers see a relatively higher salary. Research and development engineers are pretty well rewarded.

An engineer working with Hindustan Corporation Company Ltd. explained about set up cost required more for core companies when compared to that of the IT companies. Finally he says a core engineering candidate with 10-15 years of experience will get paid more than a software engineer.

Another person dropped three interesting facts for being a mechanical engineer.

Charles (maker of the first computer ) was a mechanical engineer.

Most CEOs of top IT business are Mechanical engineers.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is firstly a Metallurgical engineer.

The bottom line is that be proud of yourself, and leave comments below.

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