Transportation and Storage Covers

Protecting High Value Assets (Sheridan, Wyoming)  

Safely protecting high value assets during transportation and short term storage is important to Kennon and the company’s customers.   Kennon’s covers safely protect from rain, ice, snow, frost, heat, in addition to flying gravel and other debris, and accidental bumping and scratching.

We use three layers of material.  The first layer touches the painted or delicate surface.  The second layer absorbs shock and provides padding.  The top layer keeps out moisture and is resistant to the sun.   The combination of materials is breathable and helps prevent corrosion.

The layer closest to the surface is made from Kennon’s “anti-Grit” material.  Anti-Grit  is a microfiber, similar to the fabric that used to clean eyeglasses.   The difference is the static dissipating fiber that is woven into the anti-Grit fabric.   Static attracts dust and dust scratches delicate surfaces.  Anti-Grit helps eliminate static buildup. 

The center layer is a buffer layer that pads and moves with the outer layer.  So in the wind the outer and middle layers move so that the layer closest to the delicate surface doesn’t.  This helps prevents rubbing or abrasion to delicate surfaces.     

The outer fabric layer keeps the contents dry. 

To be safe, a cover must fit like a second skin.  Kennon Engineering uses 3D modeling to design and build the snuggest fitting covers.

Kennon Transportation and Storage Covers are easy to install and remove quickly, usually within an hour, and can be used over and over again.  

Kennon’s Transportation and Storage Covers are safe, reusable and a labor saving temporary storage solution for any high value asset that is exposed to the elements of nature.   

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