Empire Asset Investments Tracks Apple in Talks to Feature Twitter App on Apple TV

The early bird catches the Apple? That's reportedly the narrative between Apple and Twitter, as sources tell The New York Times that the companies are discussing an Apple TV-Twitter partnership.

This partnership would feature the Twitter app on Apple TV, giving Apple TV users the ability to stream NFL games. Both companies didn't offer comments to The New York Times.

Twitter's move for live-streaming rights wasn't cheap, clocking in at approximately $10 million for 10 Thursday night NFL games this season.

This kind of partnership would be a boon for Twitter, as its general purpose is often the subject of mockery on its own platform. This was illustrated recently when the hashtag#SaveTwitter surfaced, and didn't seem as outrageous as one might've thought several years ago.

The company's rally from its co-founder Jack Dorsey's return as CEO in October 2015 didn't last, and it's struggling to grow its user base and keep people interested in its product. It's also been the subject of much ridicule for its abuse problems.

As for Apple, this buzz could help distract from what could be a less-than-exciting fall presentation.

Twitter's stock is up about 7.6 percent as of Monday afternoon, while Apple's is up about 1 percent.

With Apple in talks with twitter regarding the ability to stream NFL games live will surely give Apple a boost on Apple TV

As long as they can continue to gather more Thursday night NFL games this season and seasons to come Apple TV will definitely have more NFL fans purchasing the Apple TV to watch the live Thursday night streams stated Jane Suki tech analyst for Empire Asset Investments.