At-Home Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

The goal of many patients with Alzheimer’s disease is to stay in their own home. While in the beginning it might be possible with the help of a spouse, adult children or other extended family members, over time it can become draining and debilitating for everyone. This does not mean that all Alzheimer’s patients will end up in a care facility, as there are options for in-home care for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Why Care is Needed

Even when spouses or other family members think that they can handle all of their loved one’s needs, extra help is usually required. Over time, the caregiver can suffer from a lack of sleep, increased stress, and even financial issues if work is stopped temporarily to care for a loved one. The difficulties that these issues pose on a caregiver’s own health and wellbeing can become overwhelming for a family. In these instances, non-medical at-home care can really be a great help.

The Services Provided

There are many levels of service that can be provided for a patient with Alzheimer’s . In some cases, only basic companion services are required, while in other cases, more extensive services are needed that include caring for personal grooming and keeping up a home. The care provided by a professional can be the sole care that your loved one receives or can serve as a supplement to the care that family members are providing. A few of the services that can be provided include:

  • Social services including accompanying the patient to events
  • Transportation assistance
  • Personal care including help with bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming and dental care
  • Assistance with keeping up a home including cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Assistance with nutrition to ensure that all health needs are met
  • Assistance with communication and financial issues

Learning to Ask for Help

As your loved one’s caregiver, it is acceptable to want or need help. It does not help the Alzheimer’s patient for his/her loved ones to start having their own health and/or financial issues as a result of being their caregiver. Making the move to enlist the help of an in-home care professional is a benefit to everyone, including the Alzheimer’s patient. Having an able bodied person be able to be with your loved one as much as is required while allowing you to keep up your daily life requirements is essential. This allows you to be able to be fully present with your loved one when you visit, rather than being burdened with all of the requirements and help that he/she needs in addition to your own needs.

Choosing the right non-medical at-home care professional requires plenty of time and research. You want only the best when it comes to your loved one and to be able to ensure his/her safety and wellbeing in your absence. Understanding your loved one’s level of dementia and overall needs will help you navigate the process of finding a proper caregiver that will provide the care needed and go above and beyond the expectations of your family

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