LASIK Surgery for Treating Most Common Eyesight Disorders

SINGAPORE – March 28th, 2014 – LASIK or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis is a very common surgical procedure that is conducted to correct eyesight related problems. This laser vision correction program is conducted in a variety of hospitals but there are specialized LASIK Singapore centers which offer exclusive LASIK surgeries. It is a kind of refractive surgery that corrects eyesight disorders such as myopia (short sightedness), hypermetropia (longsighted or farsighted) and Astigmatism (blurred vision). The procedure is successful in most patients and is a permanent alternative for contact lenses or eyeglasses. People below the age of 18, pregnant women, people with eye infections, individuals with unstable eye refractive power or people with thick cornea cannot undergo this surgery.

In case LASIK procedure is not possible with these patients an alternative procedure such as the IntraLase bladeless procedure is performed on them. There are two techniques that are used to conduct LASIK surgery. Both the techniques are performed to restore eyesight to the nearest perfection. Patients who have successfully undergone the surgery will definitely not need contact lenses or glasses later. It depends on the doctors and the patients’ condition as to which technique is best suitable. Here at Lasik Singapore Centers patients can get detailed information about the procedures. They might want to clear any or all doubts with regards to the procedure before going for treatment.

The patients need to be assessed by the doctors before any kind of procedure is conducted. They would basically check for any faults or preexisting conditions that may be hindrances in the process. Patients will be made aware of the risks as well as benefits involved in the process. It is recommended that patients stop wearing their contact lenses 3 days prior to evaluation. The eyes will take their natural shape during these three days and will allow proper correction. During the evaluation, the process of surgery is explained to the patients clearly. Patients can make their decision accordingly. Proper medication will be given post treatment in order to help the healing process.

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Lasik Eyes Center, based at Singapore is a center which offers LASIK surgery. The three most common eyesight issues are corrected with LASIK treatment. Issues such as Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism can be corrected for a better vision.

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