Termites through the Winter Months

Like most of us, termites seek basic necessities through the cool months of the winter. They require food, warmth, and shelter, and while their activity levels peak in the hottest months, they are no slouches when the mercury drops. It is very important, especially in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, to have a termite management plan in place for the winter months.

With their thin carapace, termites are especially sensitive to changes in the ambient temperature. So when they begin to take note of the cooler weather, their first priority is to establish an area with adequate temperature control. Those living in their large termite mounds are actually safest during this time of the year, as an ingenious system of ventilation ensures the proper temperature and humidity occurs inside. For those urban dwellers, they tend to seek shared accommodations.

This can mean living within the wood of a structure or a nearby stockpile. In many cases, especially in a termite-prone area like Sydney, this will mean a local house. Although a direct water supply is often not in evidence, termites are able to gain ample hydration through the wood they are breaking down and eating. They also possess the unique coordination that allows them to build a home out of the wood source that they are using as a food source.

This sheltering trend is among the most important behavioural elements to remember for the winter months, as the colony will be perfectly situated to make use of your home’s structure as soon as spring arrives. And although they are not in peak activity, they can accomplish plenty over the course of the winter months.

Keeping your termite problem in check requires the use of the professionals. So if you suspect you are playing host to the winter home of a colony, contact your local Sydney experts at Pink Pest Services.


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