New No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles Positively Stop Liquid Flow

Preserve product finish and prevent waste of precious liquids with EXAIR’s new No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles.

When spraying any type of liquid on the production line, post-spray liquid flow can cause big problems. Unwanted drips can ruin product function on sealing or mating surfaces. Drips can also ruin the appearance of painted or coated finishes. In addition, excess liquid flow wastes precious resources such as expensive coatings, chemicals or water.

EXAIR’s No Drip Atomizing Nozzles are ideal where no post-spray drip is permissible. When the compressed air supply is shut off, the no drip nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid eliminating the possibility of drips.

Siphon Fed Atomizing Spray Nozzles require no liquid pressure and can be used with gravity fed liquids or lift liquids from a siphon height as much as 36 inches (91cm). Siphon fed nozzles can be used on liquids up to 200 centipoise.

EXAIR's No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles are available in a round pattern and a flat fan pattern. They are for non-pressurized liquid applications that don't require independent air and liquid control.

Applications include painting, coating, rinsing, cooling, quenching, wetting (moistening), humidification, and dust control. The compact Atomizing Nozzles feature a patent pending no-drip mechanism and have interchangeable liquid and air caps. They are CE compliant and conflict mineral free. Price is $337.

Preserve product finishes and prevent post-spray waste with EXAIR’s new No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles.

EXAIR's new No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles are great for protecting spray finishes & saving money, too!