Lifecell Introduced As Skin-Aging Buster

Lifecell is a skin care product recently introduced for women to smoothen and to make their skin look young. This skin-aging buster was created by Michael Fiorillo, MD. Compared to other skin-defying complexes that are available in the market, this skin care product is packed with natural but very efficient ingredients.

Dr. Fiorillo is a certified plastic surgeon. According to him, “Lifecell is a superb breakthrough science, since it is rich in magnificent anti-aging elements. Ladies can defy skin aging without undergoing invasive surgeries.”

Taking care of skin is important particularly for women in order for them to look beautiful. However, the free radicals and the toxins coming from various foods have caused the deterioration of good complexion. The common causes of skin damage are wrong food choices, sun rays and smoking.

“When skin is damaged, the beauty attached to it is also damaged. Hence, I used Lifecell for two months now to maintain my good-looking and smooth complexion,” says Maria Andersen, beauty-conscious woman and user of this product.

This skin care solution recognizes and utilizes the anti-aging power of Trisome Plus Complex. Several enthusiasts said that it has the perfect combination of Lifecell ingredients, and they consider the superb skincare line as the face of the new generation of skincare products.

It is abundant of effective natural ingredients like the grape seed extract. The grape seed extract can sustain the resiliency of the skin, and it is rich in procyanidins, which are good in protecting the skin from premature aging.

This age-defying complex also has green tea extract. According to various researches, green tea extract can treat sun damaged skin, as well as protect the skin from harmful heat of the sun. It has ginseng as well, which is proven to be effective in diminishing facial wrinkles and collagen production.

This state-of-the-art skincare product also has the power of chamomile. Dr. Fiorillo explained, “Chamomile is added in Lifecell because it can soothe and calm the skin, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties”.

Chamomile is included due to its non-oily property. Bearberry is also added in its ingredients. This specific ingredient promotes a whitening effect, making the skin fresh, young-looking and glowing.

Dr. Fiorillo added that, “This one-of-a-kind skincare product has algae extract that decreases the collagen activity in the skin, and diminishing the signs of aging.”

This product has also a liposome which is capable of precisely distributing the other ingredients in the skin.

Claire Louise, aged 48, and a proud user of Lifecell exclaimed, “My skin looks plumped and evened out. My smile lines appear plumped out and no longer noticeable”. According to Beth Jennings, another avid user of Lifecell, “Within few weeks, my skin looked much smoother, softer, and evened out.”

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