Incredibly Good Reasons to Visit Berlin, Germany this Summer

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is well-known for its wide range of exceptional tourist attractions. Regarded as one of the greenest capitals in Europe, Berlin has been boasting of beautiful parks and loads of cultural features. It’s a historical place packed with museums, art galleries, temples and historic mansions. Many travelers from all around the world compare flight tickets to Berlin so that they grab the best deal within their budget.

From Nazi era and Cold War history to street art and nightlife - here I share some great reasons with you to explore Berlin the way you want:

The Story of Berlin
Berlin boasts of its great collection of museums that can display periods of Berlin’s rich history. But the The Story of Berlin is the one that covers this fascinating German city from its days as a marshy backwater to its present day. The presentation is simply irresistible - from the use of atmosphere-creating sound to theatre-set style rooms covering different epochs.

The Berlin Wall
Well, the Berlin Wall may have been brought down way back in 1989, but it still leaves its impression on the city’s character. Some parts of the wall are still erect, and the stretch along Bernauerstrasse has been transformed into an open air museum.


The stories of communities being divided are overwhelming, while you get a real mark of how the wall was built. It was not just one wall but two - separated by a death strip that no one was allowed to enter.

The Brandenburg Gate
The symbol of Berlin, and unquestionably one of the reasons for tourists to book cheap flights to Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a stunning landmark which no traveler misses getting up close and personal with. The Quadriga - a massive statue of a goddess riding a four-horse chariot - was taken to the French capital (Paris) by Napoleon when he defeated the city of Berlin. 

Brandenburg Gate

Underground Tours
The Gesundbrunnen underground station is a must visit for demonstrations of cold war paranoia. Behind locked doors you would find network of nuclear shelters, emergency hospitals and gloomy-looking dorms. If a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city, this would be the place where people had to squeeze into, and the underground station would have sealed off.

Know that Berlin is not a laid-back city, but nights can last as long as you want them to. You can literally go out at night until it’s time for you to drop. The nightspots in the German capital have no official closing times, so it’s entirely at your discretion what time you want to head back home.

Good Beer Festival
The Internationales Berliner Bierfestival, held every summer, not only plays host to 750,000 visitors from all across the globe and 2,000 different beers but also boasts of a 2 km-long beer garden, which claims to be the longest one in the world.

Doner Kebabs
Need something to wash those great beers down with? Well, what else can it be other than the contributions to the world of junk food in Berlin? Currywurst, which is chopped up sausage with curry powder, is well-known in the city. However, the doner kebab has become popular the world over.

Doner Kebabs

Word on the street is, Berlin is fast becoming the most explored city in Europe. Many think that the German capital is the most affordable city in Western Europe and the coolest capital city as well. Well, they can be right in their thinking.