Backlink Monopoly Founder Announces Firm’s Official Launch

Chicago, IL – Jan. 3, 2014 – Jacqueline Harris, founder of Backlink Monopoly, announced the official launch of the firm’s website. An experienced marketer of online businesses, Harris launched the site to assist others with tips and information on how to market their enterprises successfully, and offers individuals a variety of services to help clients build, grow and enhance their business.


“With thousands of websites competing for traffic and recognition, entrepreneurs must use every tool at their disposal to highlight their business,” said Harris. “We help you tilt the playing field in your direction.”


Backlink Monopoly maintains a staff of experienced bloggers and posters that assist clients in multiple industries in establishing their online presence. All comments and posts are completed manually and are specifically designed to obtain superior approval ratings.


Through the firm’s website, the company provides new and established business owners with timely tips and valuable education about methods that will increase their online presence and drive targeted traffic to their website. Harris addresses forum marketing, the importance of blogging for marketing purposes, and shows visitors how her firm can use them for the benefit of clients.


The firm offers three packages to accommodate a variety of needs. The Silver blog package provides 50 top quality comments for just $50 and those purchasing the Gold package receive 75 comments for $70. The Platinum level offers 100 top notch comments for $80.


Business owners engaging in forum marketing can obtain 25 comments for $25 with the Silver option and Gold package purchasers receive 50 top quality comments for $45. The firm’s Platinum package contains 100 comments for $75. All packages come with a full report of live links for free.


The importance of SEO, social media and strategically placed press releases is well known, but the use of forum marketing and blog posts are typically overlooked. All three are powerful tools that can boost traffic, increase visibility and attract new consumers. Visitors to Backlink Monopoly will discover how to utilize the company’s methods to increase revenues.


Forum marketing has emerged as one of the most effective means of driving targeted traffic to business websites. The website examines the importance of locating the appropriate forum for a specific enterprise and how the company can assist clients with forum marketing, an essential tool when establishing a following. It’s a technique that has the potential to spread like wildfire.


Word-of-mouth advertising remains the best way to drive traffic to websites. Backlink Monopoly’s team of professionals have extensive experience and the knowledge required to showcase businesses with blog posts and forum participation that’s specifically designed to make businesses a talking point among potential customers.


One of the primary tasks of any business is driving traffic to its online website. It doesn’t matter whether business owners are small and selling locally or a multi-national company – without traffic the business won’t prosper. Backlink Monopoly provides clients with highly targeted traffic through thoughtful, high quality manual and organic methods.


The launch of Backlink Monopoly provides established business owners and new entrepreneurs with blog commenting and forum posting services that draws attention to clients’ companies and directs targeted consumers to their websites. The company utilizes proven methods and techniques to bring their clients’ business to the next level of viability.


Harris can be reached via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at