New AVI to MP3 converter comes with a bundle of benefits

In the traditional sense, converters are supposed to change the file format from A to B in order to support compatibility. But, now with the kind of user expectations, converters are made to exceed these expectations to give users an all in one tool to help multitask. Among such converters comes the new AVI to MP3 converter which can be claimed as the best converter in its league.

What this converter does is convert AVI files to MP3 format and give users the opportunity to listen to their favorite audio tunes without having to compromise on quality. Unlike most other audio converters that exist today, this converter helps the user take a multi-level advantage from the process of conversion. While the converter does its job, the user can use the interface to compile a playlist and organize files in order to fulfill the need to multitask.

It is among the handful converters that allow for conversion of many file formats. For instance, in addition to the AVI to MP3 conversion, the converter also allows for conversion from FLV, AVI, ASF, DV, RMVB, VOB and MKV. So, using this one converter the user can achieve different file conversions at once without having to spend time or energy looking for other specific function converters. The free AVI to MP3 converter is indeed very promising in the manner that it helps enable a faster conversion giving user the credit to use his resources wisely.

The converter is also customizable, which is a unique feature among other converters of this category. To know more and start downloading the free AVI to MP3 converter, log onto

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