Find Paradise—Climbing Paradise—in Lander, Wyoming July 13–16, 2016

“While the amount of quality rock alone surrounding Lander is enough to draw in any one of us, perhaps what really makes this somewhat in the middle-of-nowhere destination most special, is how warmly the people of this wild west town welcome, celebrate, and embrace the rock climbers who come to visit,” writes Natalie Siddique for Moja Gear.

“Which is exactly why you should make it your upmost priority this July to experience the magic that is the International Climbers’ Festival; easily one of the greatest climbing events ever,” she concludes.

For 23 years now, Wyoming’s Wind River Country/Fremont County has opened its arms for the International Climbers’ Festival, an annual celebration of the sport—and culture—of rock climbing. The Lander area offers some of the best rock climbing in the world, has been home to some of the biggest names in the sport, and is the setting for countless epic storylines among climbers of all levels and interests. It’s also home to a city park where camping is free, an award-winning brewery where the walls are adorned with cams and ropes, and a store founded on providing dirtbag climbers with gear and paychecks to fuel their passion.

The longest-running climbing festival in the U.S. has thrived in Lander for nearly 25 years for a reason. July 13–16 of 2016, it’s scheduled to be just as inviting, equally local-brew-and-food-fueled, just as competitive and as supportive as ever.

Between the dyno and crate-stacking competitions, between the trade fair and free breakfast gatherings, between climbing clinics and athlete forums, be sure to take advantage of the events that show off Lander’s non-climbing attractions: the art crawl, live music, trail run, and happy hour. Learn more about the schedule of events here.

Will you find climbing paradise in Wind River Country this summer? Get your tickets now.

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About Wind River Country/Fremont County

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is the authentic, untamed West. It holds the answers to your adventurous spirit. Come discover new things like the best route to Yellowstone, see an Indian powwow, ride a horse or holler at a rodeo, pan for real gold, and hike in country that will take your breath away. Find the pace to think, the room to breathe, and the uncontrived adventure to rejuvenate your soul in Wind River Country.