Collaboration Economy, a Book for Entrepreneurs to make big strides in Business

Collaboration Economy written by John Spencer Ellis & Topher Morrison is an incredible book on strengthening the economical structures of the business owners. Book will be released on May 6, 2014

The information age is over. For you to become successful in today’s economy you have to build powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with the right people, who have the right skills and can properly complement your strengths. If you already had all the skills, connections, resources, financial banking and technology you need to reach the top you’d already be there. The concepts, strategies and tactics detailed can be applied to home based business, start-ups, and storefronts. Collaboration Economy clearly explains how to identify your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses and find the perfect match to make your dreams a reality in record time.

Collaboration Economy is all about how you fortify yourself with the right people, affiliates and collaborations to rapidly accelerate your success and significance. This is a must read book and will be released on 6th May 2014

Collaboration Economy is a book on business start ups, which has observed that small businesses are emerging in the country in millions and playing a very important role in the national as well as global economy.

Collaboration Economy: Eliminate the competition by creating Partnership Opportunities is a beautiful book aiming to facilitate the business owners and individuals to adopt the most advanced strategies. These incredible strategies can help the readers to lead the share market even if he or she is having a small business.

This book is all about the best ways to maximize methods of collaboration and it will help you to position yourself differently in your business. For a limited time, a pre press copy of the book is available for free at for only the cost of shipping and handling.

John Spencer Ellis is an award winning documentary filmmaker, Amazon bestselling author, international speaker and coach. John has completed the Ironman triathlon and holds high rank in 5 martial arts. He is the CEO of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) and the founder of Wexford University.

Topher Morrison is the Managing Director of Entrevo – USA, a growth accelerator firm that has worked with over 1000 companies globally in helping them to dominate their market share. He is featured in the award winning documentaries, The Compass & Riches, and his first book, Stop Chasing Perfection & Settle for Excellence become an Amazon best seller within 4 hours of its release date.


John Spencer Ellis & Topher Morrison