Cousins Join Together to Create Unique Melodies and Rhythms Through Rap Music and Poetic Lyrics

Little Rock, Arkansas – January 13, 2014 – There is no doubt that music has evolved throughout the past two decades.  Especially in the rap and hip hop music industry, many artists are exploring with rhythms and beats more than ever to create a one-of-a-kind sound.  Now, three artists have joined together to explore music even further; Young Diesel Big Swagg, Troc, LB and Young Foriegn are all members of the multitalented rap group, Goonz Live $avage. 


The three artists are actually all first cousins from a line of sisters who struggled through life and are optimistic towards a better and brighter future.  During their childhood, the members of Goonz Live $avage grew up exploring themselves through singing, writing poems, and artistry.  The cousins aim to bring light into darkness by exploring themselves and their surroundings through art.  Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, the group chose the name based on what the inner layer of a goon is and the way of life a goon portrays.


Now the cousins have created a new venture in their artistic journey in life.  Big Bang Musik Inc is a new music venture that not only aims to inspire artists, but produce quality sounds as well.  Big Bang Musik Inc has recently added new mixtape tracks by Young Diesel and Spaceship available on DatPiff.  The artists explore sounds and topics of rap culture in their tracks allowing for smooth and unique rhythms and lyrics.


The group says that they are proud to be in the environment they grew up in because of all of the inspiration for artwork that has come from it.  As being in the face of drug deals, men disrespecting women through words and domestic violence, and more; the group would not be who they are today if it were not for the harsh realities they have been faced with throughout their life.


The group originally started with just two of the cousins, Demarcus formally known as Young Diesel and Monte Botley formally known as Monte Bo.  Originally poets, the two have taken their artistic creativity to create beats and lyrics that are specific to their environment they both live and grew up in throughout Little Rock.


For more information about the group, visit the Big Bang Musik site at  To listen to the entire mixtape, visit and search “Big Bang Musik” to listen to Young Diesel and Spaceship’s new mix, Big Bang Musik Presents Turn Up.